The horses you own or partner with in sessions deserve your best Self before, after and during sessions.

Self-Led Horsemanship™

Learn the 12A's and become a more attuned facilitator and student of the horse.

Connect with Horses through Self-Energy

Self-Led Horsemanship™ informs the ethical considerations of equines and humans interacting in a courageous space with the intention of co-creating a healing experience of secure attachment that is mutually beneficial for both.

It is a perspective shift for horsemanship that is not about technique, but rather about intention versus agenda, experience versus task, and a willingness to be a student of yourself and the horse. It sounds simple, but is deceptively nuanced.

Self-Led engagement with horses is an everyday practice that builds trust through  Self-presence, attunement and resonance that builds intersubjectivity leading to relational consciousness. It all starts with your internal system.

Increase your understanding of your horse by learning to conceptualize their behavior through the language adapted from IFS and the 12 A's of Self-Led Horsemanship.

Heal the parts of yourself that use transference and projection to interpret the horse's communication. It is through the healing power of the Self that secure attachment flows.


Building Relational Consciousness Through:

Upholding the values of constant consent, engaged connection, respect, patience, collaboration, kindness, curiosity, and the compassionate treatment of equines engaging in life with us.

A commitment to treat each horse as an individual with preferences, opinions, and the ability to say no to requests that are not viable for the relationship.

An ethical dedication to listening to horses with our eyes, a gut felt sense, our hearts, and our Self-Energy, without projection or transference.

A promise to take responsibility for ourselves and to continue to heal on our own journey of contemplative Self-Discovery.