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Equid-Nexus is a facilitation model and training organization aimed to educate therapy teams on integrating IFS-Informed EMDR into Equine Engaged Psychotherapy to treat and heal relational trauma. We believe that “the personal is the professional” and therefore focus on professional development by experiential learning. We lead with Self-Energy to scaffold others’ access to Self and to build relational awareness through intersubjectivity within the human and horse relationship. We uphold an ethical dedication to the emotional and physical welfare of equines who partner with us, which we have termed Self-Led Horsemanship. Our intention is to add value in growing a Self-Led community for those in the equine-assisted services field.

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Equid-Nexus, LLC

Equid-Nexus™ is an Equine Engaged Parts Work Psychotherapy model and Training Program that is based upon Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed EMDR.

The model's focus is on healing relational trauma by building relational consciousness (both internally from Self-to-part and externally from Self-to-horse) to help people heal their relational trauma burdens in real time, within a real relationship with the horse.

A person heals through identifying what parts of themselves are holding emotional pain from past attachment ruptures. When these parts are identified the person can then work to release the pain by increasing their internal relationship with their Core Self, and by changing their interpersonal patterns to have a corrective experience by building a connected relationship with their equine partner.

Jenn Pagone offers on-site trainings at Whispering White Horse Stables, virtual workshops, clinical consultation, Self-Led Horsemanship Clinics, and is an IFS Trauma Recovery Coach.

Jenn Pagone, LCPC (IL), LPC (WI) is the creator of Equid-Nexus™, founder of Whispering White Horse Stables, a therapeutic horse ranch located in Marengo, IL, and owner of Pagone Psychological Services, PLLC.

Jenn is advanced trained and certified in both IFS (Level 3) and EMDR, an Assistant Trainer Mentee with the IFS Institute, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and an IFS-informed EMDR Master Certified Practitioner and Approved Consultant with the Syzygy Institute. She is advanced trained and certified with the Natural Lifemanship Institute and also serves as a trainer.

She has specialized in treating women with complex trauma for over 15 years and has been in the field since 2001. Her other specialties include dissociation, conversion and somatization disorders, attachment challenges, grief and loss, eating disorders, women struggling with cancer, and infertility.

Prior to opening her private practice in 2012, she worked as a rape crisis counselor and medical advocate, a clinical therapist on inpatient and outpatient eating disorders units, and managed a group home for women with eating disorders and trauma.

Believing that “the personal is the professional”, Jenn loves to foster other professionals' growth and learning, and walk beside them on  their journeys towards healing and secure attachment with themselves and others. She offers individual and group clinical consulting for professionals.

Meet The Herd

There are 9 therapy horses at Whispering White Horse Stables. Each horse is uniquely gifted to add their own value to the program.

It is important that these horses are known for who they are, instead of what they may represent by projection or transference.

Cordelia is a Fell Pony. Her favorite song is Single Ladies.

Rocky is a Spanish Mustang. Part of his story is told in the "Integrating Horses into Healing" book, Chapter 8.

Abbey is a Tennessee Walker. She was a trail horse, now enjoys her retirement as a partner of the therapy team.

Annie is a mini Appaloosa. She is mom to Warrior and Tina.

This is Warrior (aka: Dog). He moonlights as a carriage horse.

This is Tina Turner. She  loves center stage; especially when it involves ground based Equine Engaged EMDR.

Louie was born 2 days after Warrior and has the same dad (along with Tina). These brothers live their best lives together.

Pearl and Junior are the newest members of the herd. They have integrated beautifully.

This is Casper, the Whispering White Horse. The horse that started it all and the connection of a lifetime. His legacy lives on through Equid-Nexus.