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Two-Day In-Person Trainings

Spaces are limited to 9 participants per training
Cost: $600, includes meals and training materials

What you will learn:

A nuanced deep dive into IFS and the specific application of working with parts in equine-engaged psychotherapy

System Anatomy and using the 6F’s

Self-led facilitation with the 5P’s and 8 (+2)C’s

Guidance in working with a heavily guarded system of protectors

Holding space for Exile energy

The team's and horse’s roles

Awareness of Intersubjectivity and Building Relational Consciousness

Overview of attachment styles for humans and horses




Saturday 10th /
Sunday 11th

Marengo, IL




Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th

Marengo, IL




Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th

Marengo, IL

Individual Clinical Consultation - $150

For therapists, counselors, social workers, coaches, and equine professionals.

Book a one hour consultation to discuss cases using the Equid-Nexus model, IFS, or IFS-Informed EMDR.

Case conceptualizations are offered for special populations such as eating disorders, complex trauma, dissociation, and birth trauma.

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Group Clinical Consultation - $85

For individuals or teams that want a group process in discussing cases or implementing models. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 participants.

Group consultations range from 1-1/2 to 2 hours depending upon number of participants.

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Virtual Workshops

Get a foundational understanding of Equid-Nexus and IFS and IFS-informed EMDR.

IFS trainings are very difficult to get into. This virtual training will provide you with information and guidelines to appropriately use parts work in your practice.

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In-Person Trainings

Equid-Nexus on-site trainings at Whispering White Horse Stables in Marengo, IL.

Get hands-on training in applying the model while experiencing a professional therapeutic process.

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Request a Training at Your Facility or a
Virtual or On-Site Speaking Engagement

Have staff that you would like trained and are outside the Midwest?
Contact me to discuss options for me to come to you.

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